The Buttons Bar has 8 Buttons These Are:

Single Selection Tool:Edit

The Single Selection tools are:

Single Selection Tool

Multiple Selection Tool

Connected Selection Tool

Color Selection Tool

Shape Selection Tool

Color and Shape Selection Tool

Invert Selection

Clone Tool:Edit

The Clone Tool lets you Clone all of the Bricks you Select.

Hinge ToolEdit

The Hinge Tool lets you Rotate Bricks for example these pictures will show:

As you See the Blue Wheel Rotates as i spin the car Wheels.

Hinge Align Tool: For this thing i never tried so if someone can edit this thx :)

Flex Tool:Edit

Flex Tool lets you Move Ropes,Pipes,Chains Etc shown on this picture:

Paint Tool:

Paint Tool lets you paint stuff and add decals to parts or minifigures.The Paint Bucket has 4 Buttons these are:

Paint Tool


Color Picker Tool

Decoration Tool

Hide Tool:Edit

Hide Tool lets yo Hide Stuff if you want to sneak a peek into your completed model.

Delete Tool:Edit

Said by its name it deletes stuff!

So these are all the Tools in the Buttons Bar